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Beyond Business As Usual

Say goodbye to cumbersome cash transactions. Take your business into an entirely new universe - to contact-free transactions online and in-store.

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Do business hassle free!

Accept payments in-store via QR Code.

Accept payments in-store, online or in the App directly from your customers’ phones.

Simply deposit and withdraw funds from your business account.

Make B2B transactions.

Easily settle your account or give refunds.

Keep track of your sales via the app as transactions remain on the system for 18 months.

Getting business done

Just Endcash.Me

Your Endcash.Me link is the easiest and fastest way to receive payments from both Endcash and non-Endcash users. Customize your Endcash.Me link with the name of your business so it’s easy to remember.

Share the link on your website and social media profile pages, by text, email, or WhatsApp to get paid instantly! Simply have your customers click on your Endcash.Me link, enter the amount and send.

Every Phone Owner Is A Potential Customer

As the Endcash user network expands, you will have increased access to a growing cash-less customer base.

Grow your business like a boss

Keep your eye on the ball

Keep track of all your payments and cash-out activities.

Raise your profile

Create visibility for your business among the entire Endcash network using the Nearby Places feature.

Knowing is growing

Connect with your customers and get to know them personally. The more you know them, the better you can adapt your business and services to a growing customer base. Happy customers don’t only come back, but they will share your profile and promotions with their friends and leave great reviews.

Secure Cash-less Transactions

Never miss out on a sale with our secured cash-less, contact-free transactions.

How does it work?
  • Download app or register via web
  • Accept payments in-store or online
  • Send, Spend, Receive or Manage Money
  • Build your Business profile and share sales and promotions
  • Increase visibility using the Nearby Places feature

Free and fees

Lots of what we have on the App is free while some transactions incur a small fee. Click here to see what is free and what has a fee.

Download the App today!

Phone 1 (868) 62E-CASH (623-2274)
Any funds in your Endcash wallet (regardless of the amount) will not be insured or guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (“DIC”) as this type of account does not qualify for insurance coverage by the DIC.
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