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Endcash turns your mobile devices into cashless registers for your business. Learn how you can secure your business transactions by following these guidelines.
Secure and protect your devices Do not install the App on jail-broken or rooted devices. Always enable password protection with automatic log-out and location features like Find My Phone and Remote Wipe. Do not allow log in access to unauthorized staff or other users you don’t know or trust.

If any of your devices are lost or stolen, contact us immediately at endcashsupport@rfhl.com or 1 (868) 62E-CASH (623-2274). Wipe the device remotely, change passwords and make a report to your nearest police station.
Be careful who you trust Only allow trusted staff access to your cashless registers using assigned passwords and other security log-in credentials like Fingerprint ID and 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) using Google Authenticator when logging in.

Make sure you and other users log out after every session. Do not share the same password over separate branches and registers.
Don't be spoofed or phished Scammers may send you fraudulent emails, calls or text messages directing you to websites to update or validate your financial or personal information in order to maintain your Encash or bank account information. Endcash will never ask you to send sensitive information like bank account information, personal identification numbers, credit card details or passwords by this method. We will only send you automated emails and alerts verifying or acknowledging your in-app transactions and activities; and specific replies to customer care and technical support queries. Do not click on links or ads you suspect to be fake.
Keep Bluetooth off Turn on only when necessary on your devices as your information can also be hacked via Bluetooth.
Choose a strong password A strong password uses punctuation, special characters, numbers and upper and lower case letters. Avoid using just words or including personal details like your birthdate or pet's name. The longer the password, the better. Remember to change your password on a regular basis - we recommend a password change every 90 days.
Go all in Take advantage of Endcash's additional security features like Fingerprint ID and 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) using Google Authenticator when you log in. Always log out after every session
Stay on the alert Monitor your transactions in-app and pay attention to the email and in-app transaction alerts from Endcash. You should also take advantage of the option to export your transaction and cash out history to receive statements at the end of business day. Report any suspicious activities or discrepancies immediately to endcashsupport@rfhl.com or 1 (868) 62E-CASH (623-2274).
Do not use public Wi-Fi or make your business's Wi-Fi public You open yourself up to hacking and privacy invasion anytime you use public Wi-Fi or allow others to use the Wi-Fi network you use for your business with Endcash. Make sure your network is password protected and accessible only to trusted users.
Use Endcash.Me link Use Endcash.Me to receive money from both Endcash and non-Endcash customers without making your bank account details public.
Security Encryption All information is encrypted SSL, AES (a two-way encryption) and SHA 256 (one-way encryption with no way to decrypt. This acts as a wrapper to carry the encrypted information), WAF (Firewall) TLS 1.3.
Secure Account Access and Transactions
  • Endcash allows a single session log-in which means only one device can be logged in to your account at one time.
  • Each transaction must be verified with your Endcash PIN or Fingerprint ID.
  • Any changes to your account will require an override account password. If you have trouble accessing your account, you will be required to answer a security question.
  • We use Optional 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) using Google Authenticator. Multiple incorrect attempts when making a payment, answering the wrong security question or signing in will result in the account becoming locked.
  • We will email you if we notice any suspicious activity on your account, or to verify successful account information.
Credit Card Protection All credit card information is tokenized by the payment gateway First Atlantic Commerce (FAC). Endcash does not store any credit card information on its servers.
24/7 Customer Support Feel free to contact us anytime if you have any issues, concerns or if you suspect that your account is compromised. Email us at: endcashsupport@rfhl.com Phone us at: 1 (868) 62E-CASH (623-2274) We’re happy to help.

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Phone 1 (868) 62E-CASH (623-2274)
Any funds in your Endcash wallet (regardless of the amount) will not be insured or guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (“DIC”) as this type of account does not qualify for insurance coverage by the DIC.
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