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In addition to your User Manual, these FAQs put answers to common questions at your figertips, saving you time so you can get back to business.

We've covered the typical issues here, but we want to learn and grow from your experience with the App. Help us make your Endcash experience better. If you have a question you'd like us to answer, send us an email at endcashsupport@rfhl.com using 'FAQs' in your subject line.
  • How do I sign up as an Endcash Merchant?
    • Step 1 Go to the "Sign Up" page and enter a username unique to your wallet.
    • Step 2 Agree to the Terms & Conditions by clicking on the "Submit" button.
    • Step 3 You will receive an OTP verification email. This is used to sign in to your account.
  • How do I load money from my business credit card to my Endcash wallet?
    A business cannot load money into their wallet. Businesses can only accept payments from their customers in the form of earnings or sales, which then can be used to make B2B payments or cash out to their bank account.
  • How do I cash out at an ATM?
    Accessing cash from your Endcash wallet via the ATM is not available at this time. Funds must first be transferred to a bank account that has ATM facilities in order to be able to withdraw at the ATM.
  • How do I cash out to any bank?
    • Step 1 Before cashing out you must add a bank. From Homepage, slide right on the icons to "Cash Out".
    • Step 2 Select "Cash Out".
    • Step 3 Select "Add Bank".
    • Step 4 Enter the bank account details in the fields displayed. Click the "Add Bank" button.
    • Step 5 Your bank details have been successfully added.
    • Step 6 Now you can cash out to your bank account from the Homepage. Select "Cash Out".
    • Step 7 Select "Cash Out".
    • Step 8 Enter the amount to cash out from your wallet to your bank account. Click "Submit".
    • Step 9 Confirm the total amount to be transferred, including bank charges. Click "Proceed".
    • Step 10 Verify the transfer using your PIN.
    • Step 11 A confirmation message will appear. Click on "I Understand".
    • Step 12 You will be redirected to the Homepage. The "Pending Cash Out" area will now display the amount that was submitted in the transfer. This amount will be shown as zero after 72 hours, once successfully processed. Click on this area to view the "Cash Out History".
    • Step 13 The "Cash Out History" will be displayed.
  • What are the fees for using my Endcash wallet?
    TT$0.50 when receiving a payment from a Customer
    TT$2.00 when receiving a payment from another Business Entity
    TT$1.00 when cashing out to a Bank Account
  • What are the daily transaction limits?
    Business to Business Transactions - maximum TT $50,000 per transaction
    Customer to Business Transactions - maximum TT $10,000 per transaction
  • What are Private and Public payments?
    A Public payment will be shared to the customer's newsfeed when they make a payment public. Private payments will only be visible to you and the recipient.
  • How do I make a Public or Private Payment?
    A business cannot make a public B2B payment, nor can they send a public payment request. All B2B transactions are private. However, a customer can pay a business and make the payment public on their newsfeed, allowing more exposure and advertising for said business.
  • How do I transfer money to another business?
    • Step 1 After selecting the B2B icon on the Homepage, the device's camera will open. You can either scan the QR Code, enter the business name or select from your list of recently paid businesses.
    • Step 2 Confirm that the business is "Verified" by Endcash (in green above). Enter the amount to be paid. Click on the "Proceed to Pay" button.
    • Step 3 You will receive a payment confirmation message. Click "Done" to exit.
  • Can I request payment from someone  who isn't a follower on my Merchant profile?
    Yes, payments can be requested from any user.
  • How do I send a Payment Request to a customer?
    • Step 1 On the Homepage, select "Request Payment" from the slider.
    • Step 2 Select the "Request to User" option. Either enter the customer's mobile number, select from "Recents" or scan the customer's QR Code.
    • Step 3 Enter the amount to be paid. Enter the reason for payment and add an optional photo. Select "Request to Pay" to send the payment request to the customer.
    • Step 4 Confirm the amount and click "Request to Pay".
    • Step 5 The "Payment Requests" icon will appear with a number on the icon. This displays the number of payment requests pending.
    • Step 6 To view "Payment Request" details, select "Req. Sent". Wait for customer to make payment or decline payment.
  • How do I set up a refund password?
    • Step 1 From the Homepage of the "Administrator Account", select the "Menu" button.
    • Step 2 Select "Settings".
    • Step 3 Select "Set-up Refund Password".
    • Step 4 Enter a secure "Refund Password". Click on "Submit". Only Admins should have access to this password.
    • Step 5 Enter the Endcash Administrator Account password to verify. Click "Submit".
    • Step 6 Refund password is successfully created.
  • How do I conduct a Refund?
    • Step 1 (example) Before payment is accepted, view "Total Wallet Balance" of $5367.00.
    • Step 2 (example continues) "A Payment" is received at C3 Branch for $200. The Admin's wallet balance increases but not for $200 due to the $0.50 bank fee.
    • Step 3 (example continues) After selecting the transaction, the payment breakdown detail shows a deduction of $0.50. Long press this payment for Android device or slide to the left on IOS device. Keep in mind that the total payment received for this Branch is $200.
    • Step 4 (example continues) You may refund the entire amount or enter the amount you would like the customer to receive if less than the entire amount. Enter a "Reason" for the refund in the mandatory field. Click the "Refund" button.
    • Step 5 (example continues) You will be asked if you wish to refund the money. Select "Yes".
    • Step 6 (example continues) Enter Refund password. (Refer to "How do I set up a Refund Password"). Click "Okay".
    • Step 7 (example continues) The Refund is successfully processed and marked as "Refunded" in the transaction details. Total payment received for this branch is now $0.
    • Step 8 (example continues) A breakdown of the transaction is shown along with "Comment" or an optional photo.
    • Step 9 (example continues) The "Total Wallet Balance" has been adjusted to reflect the refund from $5367 to $5366.50 with a $0.50 difference due to the processing fee.
  • How do I Add/Edit a Branch?
    To add a branch, select the “Branch” option from the MENU. Next, select the “Add Branch” button and fill in the requested information and submit for approval. Once the branch is approved, only the Business Admin and Branch Profiles can edit the phone number, facilities and hours of operation.

    To change the Branch Name or Logo you must contact Customer Care at endcashsupport@rfhl.com or 1 (868) 62E-CASH (623-2274).
  • How do I add a Register?
    • Step 1 Click on the "Branch" icon located at the bottom of the Homepage. Select the Branch you wish to add to the Register.
    • Step 2 Select "View Registers".
    • Step 3 Select "Add Register".
    • Step 4 Select "Add Register" (continued from previous page).
    • Step 5 Create a "Username" for the Register. This will appear on the Branch's QR Code. Enter a unique "Username" and "Password" to be used for logging in.
    • Step 6 Register added. Select "Add Register" to add additional registers as needed.
  • How do I edit a Register?
    • Step 1 Click on the "Branch" icon located at the bottom of the Homepage. Select the Branch you wish to edit.
    • Step 2 Select "View Registers".
    • Step 3 Select "View Details".
    • Step 4 Select the Pencil Icon to edit.
    • Step 5 Make your edits and select "Update".
  • How do I view Statements?
    • Step 1 From the Administrator Account on the Homepage, select "Payments" located at the bottom of the page.
    • Step 2 Select the "Today" button to choose a time filter or Search for a custom date. Click on the "Apply" button.
    • Step 3 Select "Export" and an email containing the Statement will be sent to your verified email address.
  • What is a Facility?
    A facility is a keyword or tag used in a search. It helps users find you easier based on what you provide.
    • Step 1 Example From the Homepage, use the "Search Bar" to find 'burgers'.
    • Step 2 Example All businesses with the facility/tag 'burgers' will be displayed. Select desired Merchant to view profile.
    • Step 3 Example On the Branch Profile, the facilities/tags are displayed.
  • How do I set up Two-Factor Authentication?
    To enable "Two-Factor Authentication" you are required to download the Google Authenticator App and your email must be verified by Endcash.

    This can be done using two methods:
    1. Install Google Authenticator on the same device as Endcash.
    Select "Copy Code" and paste into the Endcash App in the next steps (4-5).


    2. Install Google Authenticator on another device.
    Scan QR Code shown on screen. When logging in you will require this device.
    • Step 1 From the Homepage, select the "Menu" Button, then select "Settings".
    • Step 2 Select "Set-up Two-Factor Authentication".
    • Step 3 Click "Get Started".
    • Step 4 Select "Copy Code" and then open the Google Authenticator App.
    • Step 5 Select the Plus Icon to set up your Endcash account.
    • Step 6 If installed on the same device, select "Enter a setup key" to paste code copied from the Endcash App. OR If installed on another device, select "Scan a QR Code" to scan QR Code displayed on the Endcash App.
    • Step 7 Enter the username for your Endcash account in "Account name". Paste the Google Authenticator Key. Click the "Add" button to get a "Time based" code.
    • Step 8 Select the code before the 30 second timer ends.
    • Step 9 Open the Endcash App and enter this "Verification Code" before the 30 second timer ends. Click on "Next".
    • Step 10 Two-Factor Authentication is now enabled. Click "Finish".
    • Step 11 The Green Check Mark indicates that Two-Factor Authentication is on. You must log out then sign into the Endcash App, for changes to take effect.
    • Step 12 Sign in.
    • Step 13 Endcash will ask for the "Login Code".
      Open the Google Authenticator App to retrieve code.
    • Step 14 The login code is displayed. Enter the code into the Endcash App before 30 second timer ends.
    • Step 15 Enter "Login Code".
      Click "Continue".
    • Step 16 Endcash will ask for the "Login Code".
      Select your preference on the screen. Click "Continue". If you select "Save Device", it's not necessary to enter the code in the future.
    • Step 17 Login successful.
  • What should I do if my device is lost or stolen?
    You should immediately contact Customer Care at
    endcashsupport@rfhl.com or 1 (868) 62E-CASH (623-2274)
    and we will temporarily disable your account.
  • Who do I contact for other questions about Endcash?
    For other questions about Endcash, contact Customer Care at
    endcashsupport@rfhl.com or 1 (868) 62E-CASH (623-2274).

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Any funds in your Endcash wallet (regardless of the amount) will not be insured or guaranteed by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (“DIC”) as this type of account does not qualify for insurance coverage by the DIC.
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